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Intelligent copywriting for digital marketing

Landing pages that convert

Draft up landing page copy 10x faster. Create pages that convert with mistake-free writing.

Messaging and value props

Stay on-brand with professional, well formed copy to create an impeccable first impression.

Digital content marketing

Defeat writer's block for good. Write compelling content to attract more website visitors.

Social media marketing

Stand out from the crowd. Engage your audience online with enhanced copywriting.

Facebook and online ads

Save hours of marketing time by generating Facebook ad copy designed to get more leads.

Blog and website SEO

Write high-value blog and web content to rank high in search engine results for your niche.

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Frequently asked questions

Can copywriting be automated?

Yes! Automated copywriting, and sometimes called AI copywriting, uses intelligent software to create relevant, quality content at scale.

Lightsome’s automated copywriting feature incorporates data about your business as well as your marketing campaign objectives to generate better copy that you can customize. It makes copywriting for websites faster, inspired, and of high quality.

How does Lightsome's copywriting automation work?

We combine the data you provide on your marketing objectives with SEO and market trends to generate the most relevant copy to retain the attention of your prospects.

Choose your content’s tone of voice to fit the friendly and/or professional manner consistent with your brand.

Does copywriting automation create good quality copy?

Yes! Copywriting automation takes away the pains of topic creation, coherence, and editing, and it is especially helpful when copywriters encounter writer’s block.

Auto-generated intelligent copy can also be customized to fit the objectives of your digital marketing campaign and made consistent with your marketing message.

What can I create with Lightsome's copywriting automation?

You can create content for any type of digital marketing campaign starting from your website copy to email marketing.

Lightsome’s copywriting automation also generates copy to create inspiration for your blog content, social media captions, custom resource guides, or landing page descriptions.

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